Our Story

It all started with Frank — a little dog with a big heart. Frank loves making humans smile. It’s what he does. It’s his thang and well, he’s really good at it. (Just ask him. He’ll tell you.) And because he wasn’t allowed to venture more than a block from his house (human rules…super lame), he made them greeting cards. While this resulted in some rough edges and masking tape, it also connected with people in a way that only a dog can. 

When Frank’s friends saw what he was doing — the humans he was making smile — they decided they wanted to help. They joined his mission. And so one became five.


With extra paws on deck, Frank expanded his line of products into books, stationery, lottery games, digital messaging, home decor and apparel. He also wrote a lot more fart jokes. (Humans love fart jokes.) He even started a video advice blog to help other dogs perfect the art of making humans smile.

Today, Frank and his motley crew have continue to make humans smile on the regular — as an animal art line under the Kate Smith Company brand. They’re always looking for new ways to make a human smile, chuckle, snort or laugh out loud. And they’re keeping some old ways…because fart jokes, well, fart jokes are just really funny.