I'm Starving Here!

Dear Frank: My human thinks I need to be on a diet because I have "weak hips". I disagree. What should I do? I'm starving here!
Sincerely, Ralphie in California

Dear Ralphie: I am not a doctor, so I can't speak to your diagnosis of "weak hips", but I do have a super chubby, always hungry friend named Big Louie. I asked Louie about your question and here's what he said:

Big Louie's tips for getting not-hungry:

1. "Green beans" - Ask your human for a food called "Green Beans". They are low in calories, but really good at filling your belly. They always work for me.
2. Chew ice - You're still gonna be hungry, but you can pretend the ice is cold, crunchy steak while you eat it. And that's always nice.
3. Eat sticks - This is what cave dogs did. Just chew them up a bit so they're digestible.