Lloyd Won't Smile.

Dear Frank: I have a human friend named Lloyd. He is a very serious fellow and does not smile enough. I think it could because he is old and that might be getting him down. Frank, what can I do to get my old friend Lloyd smiling again?  
Sincerely, Concerned in California

Dear Concerned: Not to worry. Here are 3 quick and easy techniques to try:

1. Head Tilt - When Lloyd talks to you tilt your head to one side or the other. He'll think you don't understand him and that will be funny.
2. Butt Wiggles - Next time you greet Lloyd, add some butt wiggle (don't worry about how much, you can't have too much butt wiggle).
3. Fart - If 1 and 2 don't work, pull out the big guns and rip a big one when you're in the same room. He might act offended, but I guarantee he'll be chuckling as he tells you to leave the room.

Be concerned no longer. You got this.