Dad is a Liar.

Dear Frank: This is my brother in me in our van. Our dad takes us to parks and stores all the time and we love that! But, every once in a while, what he advertises as a ride to someplace fun takes a very wrong turn. Next thing we know, we're at the vet with thermometers in our butts. How can we deal with these feelings of betrayal?
Sincerely, Moosie and Teddy in Texas

Dear M&T: Humans sometimes have weird ways of showing their love. I too get a thermometer in the butt once a year as an act of love from my human. But when the thermometer says my butt is healthy, that makes my human happy. Which is what it's all about. So, don't think of it as betrayal. Think of it as "trickery to show love". And just know that sometimes a trip for ice cream in your belly will turn into a thermometer in your butt.