Bone Collection Compromise

Dear Frank: I like bones - big bones, little bones, rare bones, weird shaped get the idea. Over the years I've amassed quite the collection and I like to display them in the middle of the living room. My human disagrees. He says bones go in the toy basket and he's tired of tripping over them. Can you help us find a middle ground?
Sincerely, Bone Collector in Baltimore

Dear Bone: I too am a connoisseur of bones, so I understand the desire to show off your collection. While I agree that the middle of the living is probably the best location for your display, you should understand that might not work for your human. (Humans are clumsy.) So, here are my suggestions for a bone collection compromise:

  • Stack your bones around the edge of the living room. It will be like an art show and people can walk around and admire them. (Remember to add a note that they are not for sale.)
  • Display them on the coffee table. Still in the middle of the room, but off the floor for your human.
  • Ask your human for a display case. Here's the one I have.