Frank's Holiday Brag Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! Can you believe 2015 is almost over? Here at the From Frank headquarters, we’ve been working like dogs and the year flew by! Where to even start?

Walter has been working extra hard on chewing bones this year. Now that
he is Chief Development Executive of the International Senior Bone Chewers Club (the youngest in the club’s history), he has been traveling the block hosting conferences and chewing bones. It has been a very successful year for Walter. He finally bought that orthopedic bed with the quilted top and odor-control thingy he’s been going on about for years.

You might recall that in addition to working at From Frank, Big Louie is also an award-winning food critic turned chef. Perhaps you saw his latest work in Bone Appetite magazine? If not, it’s on page 23 in the lower right-hand corner! Currently, Louie is working on a new layered kibble casserole of duck, bison, and chicken kibble with a peanut butter drizzle over the top. It’s delicious, and the buzz on the food scene is that this might be another big award winner. I’d be nice if Louie would stay awake long enough to hear the buzz.

Lulu continues to serve as president of our Neighborhood Squirrel Watch program. She was honored this year with the prestigious Platinum Squirrel Award for over 100 hours of service at the window. She currently manages three trees as well as any ground movement spotted from Wea to Central Avenue. She also coaches our local fetch team, coordinates fundraising for historic hydrant restoration and teaches a Butt Wiggling® class twice a week at the top dance studio on the block.

Izzy has spent 2015 developing her green paw and started her own grow house for organic, grass-fed catnip. The demand is so high she can barely keep it on the shelf! In fact, one of Big Louie’s chef friends tasted the catnip and then passed it on to a colleague — who will serve Izzy’s catnip at Bo Obama’s birthday bash this coming November 8th for over 500 dogs and cats. Keep your eye out for event coverage in the November 2016 issue of Catnip Times.

And for me, well, I added a few more pages of stamps to my passport this year. Really saw the block — my neighbor’s house in June, the blue house mid-block in July, and I even got to pee on the hydrant at the far end in September. And I’ve already booked travel for 2016 to see the other half! When I’m not traveling, you can find me in the starting lineup on Lulu’s fetch team. My fetch skills far surpass the others, and to be honest, I find the little neighbor team a bit boring and uncompetitive. But if I want to fetch in the Olympics someday, it’s important to show my skills as early as possible.

In conclusion, we want to remind everyone that it is the season of giving. The From Frank team always makes a contribution to the Squirrels Without Nuts Fund® this time every year. There is nothing sadder than a squirrel without its nuts. We see it every day, right outside our window.

We hope your 2015 was as great as ours and that your 2016 will be even better!

Frank, Walter, Big Louie, Lulu and Izzy